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Medical couriers

Amaza Healthcare and Innovation provides medical courier services using temperature-controlled vehicles and well-trained drivers. We pride ourselves on our highly trained medical courier drivers, who have undergone relevant training to handle the transportation of laboratory items and human specimens. Our drivers are firmly aware of the challenges and risks involved with transporting such items and are empowered with the knowledge to confidently handle them with caution and care. We have reliable vehicles at our disposal, and there is always a back-up vehicle or driver in event that becomes necessary.

Our vehicles collect samples from laboratories, hospitals and clinics and maintain a cool or frozen temperature as required. Our drivers manage the deliveries efficiently by optimising the choice of the route, estimated travel time and the speed of our deliveries, giving us the ability to deliver beyond the expectations of the clients.

We service laboratories, clinics and hospitals and hold our drivers accountable with protocols that deliver the same standard of service across our delivery network.

Healthcare delivery vehicle


Amaza Healthcare and Innovation provides efficient Waste Management solutions that comply with the Waste Management policy and legislation. We understand that proper waste management enables the organization to minimize the risk factor, foster a safe and healthy working environment which will, in turn, optimize the performance of the organization. We pride ourselves on providing highly trained staff to ensure proper handling of medical waste which can harm the environment and endanger healthcare employees, professionals, and associated staff.